Carrying on the FIPEZAP project, DataZAP was born in 2015 to cater to the need of the real estate market for information and market intelligence. DataZAP is part of the ZAPGroup, created in 2018, from the merge of ZAP and VivaReal, with the mission to transform the way of doing business in the Brazilian real estate market through technology.


In line with the ZAPGroup objectives, DataZAP´s mission is to associate the analysis of the largest and richest database in the sector to advance applied knowledge in economics and statistics. In order to deliver innovative solutions we use bigdata and machine learning to add in the process of building, investing, financing or negotiating in the real estate market.


Pioneer in the development of Automated Valuation Models, DataZap has statistical models for selling and rental prices for more than 100 cities. Resulting from advanced econometric techniques, the AVM allow prices estimates based on the influence of the characteristic of each property and its location. These tools are largely used by the main players of the real estate market and some of the largest financial institutions in the country, due to its accuracy and trustworthiness.

The Database 

DataZAP uses two databases organically built by the activities of the leading real estate portals in Brazil, ZAP and Viva Real, which generate monthly 4 million contacts from interested users for 7,5 million property adds, and receive 40 million visits, the largest audience of the market.  From these portals, we gather detail information of supply (adds) and demand (browsing, searches and leads) for properties all over Brazil.


Besides, the ZAPGroup has the GeoImóvel Platform, a database of new real estate developments, that leads the primary market with more than 56 thousand developments located in 600 cities.


Adding to these databases we have a team dedicated to revealed preference research to capture idiosyncratic phenomena and market trends. Finally, we also use third party databases (private and public). 

Leadership and Management
Econometrics & Data Science

Development of solutions and products based on statistical models, such as the AVM (Automated Valuation Model).

Behavioral Economics

Use of diverse data sources to produce analysis and content about cities and real estate markets.

Real Estate Business Consulting

Creation of Market studies and Consulting projects for real estate Market players.

Survey Research

Survey of primary data for the real estate market.

Data & Technology

Optimization and automatization of DataZAP's and clients processes and products.

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