Solutions . Imobiliárias e Corretores

Tools to understand motivations, quantify opinions and behaviors

Solutions . Imobiliárias e Corretores

Tools to understand motivations, quantify opinions and behaviors

We work with exclusive market data, analytics and research to drive better investment decisions
We offer data-driven solutions that allow you to determine or validate the ideal product, pricing, supply, demand and every expanded perspective in the real estate market.

The "Quanto Vale" is a technical report (generated automatically) offered by DataZAP+ that assists decision making through the pricing of the property and comparison with the nearest announcements (close in typology and address).

The report delivers the price of the property for Sale and Rent, in addition to the confidence interval of the estimate, that is, a maximum price and a minimum price for each transaction that can still be considered aligned with the estimate.

The main strength of the product is the precision, which unfolds in 2 characteristics: pricing reacts to the specification of the address number and typological characterization (useful area, number of dorms, etc.) and the accuracy of the estimate, which is in line with the most accurate international models.

The “Onde Vale'' platform is the product of DataZAP+ for local performance evaluation of the real estate market. It presents the panorama of the region in the last 12 months, which contains the most demanded footage, the most demanded price, the demand profile in terms of dorm numbers, in addition to the region's price history and other ad data that allow you to understand the local market.

It is possible to contract the portfolio monitoring by the Platform “Onde Vale” itself, which allows the user to compare the performance of his portfolio with that of the market in general.

The “Onde Vale'' platform still allows the user to go even further in detail. Price and demand maps show the local situation of the region at an even more disaggregated level (from 1 to 4 blocks in terms of aggregation area). In these maps it is also possible to observe the portfolio itself, which allows a very critical monitoring of the performance of this portfolio. It is also possible to choose which typologies to consider on the maps, for example, properties up to 30 m² or properties with more than 150 m².

To better understand the profile of local demand, “Onde Vale” also has maps of Lead Origin and Secondary Demand, which shows which locations are searched by those who lead in the region studied.

Quantitative surveys collect information through data collection, which can be done remotely, through our online customer base, or in person, with field research. The quantitative method is conclusive and aims to quantify a problem, map opportunities and measure audiences/markets.

Among the most common quantitative research methods we have: Demand Profile (mapping of the consumer profile, identification of opportunities, market sizing among others), Brand Association (scales efficiency and awareness achievement, underpits marketing strategies and assists in intensifying relationships with consumers) and Customer Satisfaction. Remembering that most of the time quantitative research combines different methods.

Qualitative research is done according to the needs of each client, helps in the collection of information through the collection of data, which can be done remotely, through our online customer base, or in person, with researchers going to the field to apply the questionnaires for the desired demographic cutout.

The qualitative research model takes into account some particularities of people who are interviewed in a way that offers unquantifiable insights due to the subjectivity that characterizes the responses. A qualitative is conducted in an exploratory way, encouraging the interviewee to give his opinion more extensively. It is based on small samples to understand the environment of the problem, being unstructured and data analysis is not statistical.

LUPA explores ad and lead data on OLX Brazil's real estate portals by region. The product points out opportunities when showing the data by typological characteristics, indicating the configurations of properties most sought for portfolio composition

For those who need very specific solutions, DataZAP+ has a team of experts capable of developing methodologies to respond to the most diverse demands. Through our arsenal of economics, finance, statistics and computer science, we develop special studies to assist in strategy formation, provide quantitative input for asset management and understand market dynamics.

The most common Special Studies usually address: impact assessment, macroeconomic and sectoral analysis, risk analysis and return and economic and financial viability.

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