Tools to understand the reasons, quantify opinions and behaviors. We offer data-driven solutions that allow one to determine or validate the ideal product, price, supply, demand and all the expanded perspective.  We work with exclusive market data, analysis and research to promote better investment decisions.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM )

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is a pioneering tool in Brazil which applies the most sophisticated econometric techniques and process tens of millions of properties with different characteristics to generate price estimates. Constantly improved, the AVMs have an accuracy similar to the best internationally developed models. Besides individual real estate units, the AVMs can generate price estimates for streets, neighborhoods, cities or real estate portfolios even with hundreds of millions of assets.


Market Study

The Market Studies combine sociodemographic, pricing, demand, and supply analysis in the primary and secondary real estate market.  Combining different data sources, this study aims to support decisions on buying and selling land plots and on market strategies of real estate projects, products, prices and commercial and marketing practices.

Survey Research

Tailor-made primary researches gather information via data collection. Surveys may be conducted remotely, through GrupoZAP´s online database, or in person, through field research with the target demographics.



Understand instead of measuring. The research is based on surveys in which the interviewees explain the reasons behind its behavior and preferences.



Measure projects acceptability, define demand´s profile among other questions, through a structured survey with close ended questions. The interviewees list their preferences and possible actions in response to alternative answers.

Financial and Economic Viability Study

The Financial and Economic Viability Studies help in the decision-making process of real estate developers and investors development needs, during different steps of property development. Based on revenue, cost and investment projections, it is possible to estimate property values and promote better business decisions.

Macroeconomic and Sector Outlook

The planning and construction process in the real estate market is very long. In this context  the macroeconomic context and the development of scenarios are fundamental steps for good management. DataZAP produces reports with aspects of the macroeconomic outlook and its interaction with the real estate market. It also conducts quarterly analysis for the debate and the update of the scenario in in-person meetings.

Risk Analysis and Return on Assets

The largest assets of an economy are its real estate properties.   Many organizations and individual investors manage real estate portfolios or financial instruments linked to real estate loans, thus, they constantly need to price their assets or guarantees, evaluate their risk and return, comparing them with other investment options. DataZAP uses analytic tools and market knowledge to guarantee the safe management of the investor´s real estate and financial assets.

Special Studies

Special Studies help market players to answer complex questions through economics, finance, statistical and computer science tools. Tailor made and in accordance with the need of each client, Special Studies answer to the most diverse strategic, investment and management demands in the real estate market, to private or public entities.

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